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Confessing my heart

i’ve been thinking lately..since i only have two months left before i finish my study in degree..and also because these past few days i’ve been watching the sports carnival held here in my university,these thought across my head…

"i think its finally time for me to confess my feeling for him,"

well,its just a thought anyway,i dont know if i manage to gather enough strength to do it…act, i was planning to confess after my diploma,which was 3 years ago..but i’m glad i didnt confess my heart back then, because now we’re still in the same course for bachelor degree & worst~ doing our final year project together~ in one team! gahhhhhhhh~

'how lucky am i?'

but watching him played so hard these past few days make these funny feelings rose in me…a sad feeling..because i know,i wont see him anymore, i dont expect to keep in touch with him,because hell no im going to attend his wedding~ not when i still have feelings for him..when i still like him~

i really dont think he’s just another crush~ i think he is definitely my first love~ because i dont think high school crush is first love right? haha~ not went i keep having crush for different guy once a year~ keke

this secret love i had for this boy i had since i was in my diploma was unknown,well~ only my closest friends knows it…but i dont know~ something in my gut tells me another thing~ i think my secrets slowly getting revealed~ n im hoping it was after we finished our degree~ not now~ not when i keep seeing him every once a week or twice when we’re doing our project…

how im going to confess?

well,i thought of using the FB but then i think i just send him a text saying a simple..”i love you”….or maybe a bit longer than that..haha! dunno~ well, my friend thought i was going to confess it face-to-face~ no way! that is far from any of confession i had in my head…haha!

well,maybe i wrote here if i manage to do it later…i still had 2 months before we finished our degree & our graduation in October..

Well,after long & goodbye my love…’just like how i wrote in my FF’

i think that is the end of my sad love story…

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