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'bromance' and 'yaoi'….

Hi EVERYONE!!! Gosh its been a while since my last post and likes…so let have some conversation…or rather…u read n i’m writing…haha!                   So i was just surfing the net,happily downloading the new and last forgotten video from my fav bands…B.A.P and JYJ/DBSK….then i remember something….

one thing i wanna mention here n most of u know…i enjoy yaoi~ i enjoy reading them,writing them,watching them…but i suddenly remember about my friend..she’s just like me…enjoy k-pop so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh~ well, then one day i looked at her phone and saw lee jong suk & kim woo bin pic as her i got excited ( well, thats how i usually feel when i found somebody who has the same interest as me)…so i asked her,”hey,they are..” she cut me and squeal as well..but then i started talking about fanfic..*thinking she might be interested in reading them* but boy im wrong…she NEVER read them and..well i dont remember what she said but what i can say is that she CAN accept ‘bromance’ but NOT i decided to keep quiet and not reveal about my biggest secret..*yaoi*~ 

she said she likes their ‘bromance’ in School 2013…i was like…”ooh~” and kept quiet…so back to the main topic up there… i was google-ing the meaning of both words…and here is the explanation:

Bromance: a close but non-sexual relationship between two men. (as stated by the dictionary..and if im not mistaken it has been added into the dictionary..)

Yaoi: a slang meaning ‘boys love’ or homosexuality that is used in the Japanese language. Popular with fangirls who like their favorite anime guys to kiss.( according to the urban dictionary…haha! *well,i dont mind the anime guys done more than kissing..*cough*cough* excuse me~*) ^_^

okay~ there you go..the difference between both words…but strangely…i feel the same thing for both thing…well, since i love yaoi so much~ so i started to be DELIGHTED everytime i watch something that involve two men…sorry about that~ well, its not that im so pervert about everything…but i started to think its cute when two men are together…

ooh~ dont get me wrong…im totally STRAIGHT~ haha!

Like for example..i just watched Starcast - B.A.P Where are you? What are you doing? Live Radio..Everyone,have you guys watched it? hahha! it was HILARIOUS! of course our boys are so funny~

okay,back to the topic~ so they were answering question and one of it was on the roommate topic… and as BABYz already aware..they change the arrangement…so Yongguk & Daehyun got single room each and Himchan-Jongup together in 1 room and same goes to Daehyun-Zelo…then they started answering the question coming from the fans on why the arrangement was like that…so they were talking about the reason…when then Daehyun said people are more curious on why Him-Up were sharing one room….*well,to tell u the truth i think im curious too* Himchan explain on why…then Dae describe the room to be they never turn on the light…but then he change it to there were no light in HimUp room..n something pervert got into my brain when he said he smells manly scent on the way to Him-Up room..haha! *pardon me fellows~* 

now~lets talk about other thing for a while…i was planning on writing B.A.P fanfic but i havent start my writing yet, i just have the draft in my intelligent brain..HAHAH! *sorry~*.. 

I can talk about that fic a bit here…well, basically i want to write about their life as 6 friends who lived together but not them as BAP the artist~ more like BAP the friends who knew each other n end up living together…n i was thinking about room arrangement when i found out about HimUp  and DaeLo sharing the same room but i dunno about Yongguk and Youngjae~ so i just made up it in my head that Yongguk and Youngjae get their own room…so~ when i watched that show just now i was SHOCKED! It was just like how i imagine in my future fanfic…hahah! *so please with my intelligent brain* hahah! *sorry once again~ yorobun~*

So…i think thats all for now…I had plan to change this tumblr of mine into fanfic review blog~ but then i figure…”i am too lazy to start my fanfic writing…how can i be committed on reviewing people’s fanfic???!” 

right people? but of course..i will do it unofficially when i was in boredom…

Bye-bye~ Anyyeong~See ya!

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