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Confessing my heart II

Hey! omg! its been a while since i last wrote here…well, based on the tittle above,obviously im continuing the story for ‘my unrequited-love’…about the boy i..well,i can say it now…the boy i love ever since im 18 yrs old *im 24 now* 

wow! 6 years~ surpassing my target act…haha! well, i dont know why i got so attached to this unrequited-love so much~ probably because i dont found someone as special as he is to me all this while…

the most fun fact is that~ well, before the end of my degree last semester..something happen..something BIG! hahaha! omg! its hilarious + scary +..i dont know..

well,one of my fyp-team mate (Woohyun) kept asking me,who is the boy i like in my class~ well, i try so hard to pretend not to look or even stuttered in front of the boy i like (Hoya) *cause~hell,he is in the same room at the very moment because he was one of my fyp- team mate as well… i said~ definitely not Sungyeol *another boy who is rumored to be the one i have crush on*~ *sorry~ i used INFINITE’s members name here* because i dont wanna use real name here…keke~

then he asked me again~ then who? i know how this foxy idea came into my mind,that i blurt out..

"its you actually i like!" 

BAM! everything went silent….gahhhh~ just kidding~ but he laughed out at first~ thinking im joking but i kept saying that its the truth~ 

then this thing went on for several days~ days turn into weeks….then one day he asked one of my friend, is it true i dont like Sungyeol? and my friend said~ yeah…then he continued~ then who is that person? my friend went silent while he kept saying names of every boy in my class~ *well,there arent that many of them* but before he went for more than 4 names~ my friend stopped him by saying,’ i wont answer you anyway~’..haha! *clever friend i have there, aight?* hahaha!

so i continued this plan till now….even after we finished our degree~ what i noticed was that i think~ he is put me into test as well~ and another thing~ he never kidded around with me anymore~ after this ‘rumors’ spread out…gosh~

i know~ i just wanna let it slip away….but one thing im scared most is that~ when i truly confessing my heart to Hoya, he wont believe me….thinking im fooling i did to Woohyun…

i even have thought to turn this event that happening to me into ff…when i start writing that fiction based on this true story~ i let you guys know….


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